Spam hidden in pdfs now

It is always distressing when spam gets past the spam filters, and the San Jose Business Journal brought up, recently a new method the spammers have discovered.  Just when the spam filters caught on to image spam, that was slipping by the filters, spammers have disvoered that most email programs can see pdfs, so have started to send their spam that way.

According to the article the use of PDF spam went from 0 to 8 percent of the total spam in July. Adobe has already come up  a program to help filter out the spam, that looks into the PDF for spam-like things. Each time the spam filters think they have beaten the spammers, they spammers come up with a new idea.

What was really shocking, but shouldn’t be, is that spam accounts for 80-90 percent of all email sent. Of course, it wouldn’t work, if people didn’t keep buying the stuff.

What is really annoying about all this is that when the spam filters get stronger, they start filtering out legitimate email. I have had email to clients screened out because I mentioned pictures in the subject line. But hey, I’m a graphic designer, what do they expect. I have had email filtered out because I used an IP address, instead of standard url, but once again, this is because I am a web designer, and sometimes sites aren’t live yet. So now, I’ve got to worry about sending PDFs? Sheesh.

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