Spam Filters for the mac

So now you have your email account, and you spend the first half hour just throwing away SPAM. Wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to? I have two filters on my email account. One at the ISP level, and one is the junk filter that comes with Eudora 6.1, but I wanted more, so I looked into spam filters that could go on top of my present email (instead of getting an account just to filter it through, which is a bit of a pain.) Here is what I came up with for the Mac (since there are many for the PC but there are far and few between for the Mac).

  • SpamFire. Works with most mac email programs. I tried it a little, but like all filters, you must train it.
  • JunkMatcher- works with (Mac)Mail and only works with 10.3 or later, so I haven’t used. or tested it. What is cute is that one of the first questions in FAQ is “What CAN’T JunkMatcher do?”
  • PostArmor would have been interesting to test, but even though it said it was free, it actually cost $1.50 to register, so since I was testing before I bought, and could not do so, I passed on this one.

My conclusion? We need more spam filters for the Mac. These were the only ones I found. :(

Post Script. I tried using Spam Sieve for about a day, but found that it was removing too much mail. :(

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