Spam comments

I was so innocent, when I started this blog. Now, I am jaded, more than anything.

When I first started getting comments I was was thrilled. It seemed so much fun. And for the most part, it still is, though I have since turned on the moderator feature, so I can pre-approve all comments, because I was getting so much spam. Not fun spam, but comment spam where people were linking to a porn site in their comments.

And one, very old post, kept getting hit. It was called "More Websites to Check" and didn’t have anything, that I thought, would draw the spammers in, but apparently it did. Once I turned on the moderator, I started noticing that they were always to the same post, and always pointed back to the same porn site.

So, after having to delete at least one a day (not a big complaint, but annoying anyway), I have deleted the post.

I’m annoyed that I had to do so. I’m annoyed that I have to pre-approve all the posts, and I’m annoyed that there is some spammer out there trying to boost his porn site on the back of my blog.


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