Sometimes HTML is just HTML

You know the quote. “Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar”. Well, sometimes pages that are done in php and jsp and asp could have been done in html. I keep running across pages that have been “over programmed”, and I’m not sure why. Why go to all the trouble to design a page in php, if all it is going to do is behave like a normal html page?

I came across this the other day when looking at a very vanilla site that a designer friend of mine was going after. He was just saying how plain it was, but while he was talking, I just kept looking for some reason that it would have been done in .jsp. I clicked all links. No reason. Probably someone who just wanted to do it that way. Who knows.

Then there was the site done in Cold Fusion that was set up that way for easy updates. Problem was, no one at the company knew how to do the updates anymore. I worked with z-studio on that one, and after having to jerry-rig change after change, we finally persuaded the company to go all html.

Although, I’m sure there are people out there that feel I am talking out of my hat. Let me give an example where I feel I can name the site in question (all others I’m either still working with, or trying to get). This one is for Spring Hill School. If you go past the home page you might notice it is all done in php. Can anyone tell me why? Other than the fact that the only volunteer they could get to do this site, wanted to showcase his php skills, can anyone else tell me why? No. Class dismissed.

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