Some nice things about Adobe CS3 Part III

Today I am going to say what I like about the upgrade from Dreamweaver 8 to Dreamweaver CS3. This was one of the programs I was really worried about, because Adobe didn’t have to do anything nice to it. They had GoLive, and I figured they would continue to keep that coming at us, despite the fact that most people were using Dreamweaver.

But I see GoLive has GoneDead, and Dreamweaver is improved. Actually, after poking around the Adobe site, I see that GoLive still exists, but even the site itself encourages you to switch. Interesting position to take. If anything, they seem to have done away with ImageReady, which was a poor man’s Fireworks anyway, so it makes sense.

So, what is the biggest change I have seen to Dreamweaver? The pallets. Yes, once again, that is what I am most impressed with. I’m sure, as I use the product more, I will discover more, but it is the little things like this that make me happy.

Dreamweaver8cs3Here, on the left is the Dreamweaver 8 banner and the CS3 version. Though you might not be able to see it, the way to get from selection to selection in the old version was to use a drop down menu. In the new version, we have a tab system, which is much faster, and we know that faster is better when you are talking about the web.:

The thing that is odd, is that all the pallets used to look the same, you would know you were in Adobe program, and everything would act the same from program to program, but now everything has a slightly different look, as though a different group did them, and didn’t discuss it with the others. It looks as though the group was InDesign and Acrobat, and of course Dreamweaver and Fireworks got together. Photoshop and Illustrator seem about the same, so that must have been that group.

The problems with growing too big.

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