Some nice things about Adobe CS3 Part II

As I mentioned yesterday, for the most part, I am quite happy with the upgrades Adobe has make in CS3. I can see that they have given some thought to Acrobat, which always seems as though it was an afterthought, despite it being perhaps the best known Adobe program other than Photoshop. Acrobat, actually has so much going for it, that it is amazing how many other programs piggy-pack on it, creating way to work with it. It is the great liberator. It has allowed me to send files to non-graphic designers, to clients, to friends, and they can all see what I have created.

Acrobat_cs23_2So, it was nice to see that Adobe has actually done a bit more in the upgrade, on the looks, if nothing else. I like how they have replace words with icons down the side. They have also taken the menu and attached part of it to the pallet, so when you move the window around you don’t have to search for them.

There are also come cool export features, one of which is export to word. Now, I don’t know how many people have had to grab text from a PDF, but I used to make a job of it, because for some reason or another, the client could not get their hands on the source document. I just tried it, with the document I used in the graphic above, and it grabbed not only the text, but the words from the logo as well. Well done Adobe.

And last but not least. the pages open up to the size of the document, instead of the size of the screen, which is something that has always driven me crazy.

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