Smart objects and illustrator, more on iphone app drawings

I have been experimenting with FireWorks, and Illustrator and PhotoShop to get the iPhone app graphics to look right. As I wrote the other day, I really love what I can do with smart objects. ┬áThe thing I really love, which I didn’t mention the other day, was that I have been drawing in Illustrator at the size that the 57×57 icon will be, so that when I paste it into the page of photoshop it is already the right size.

This way, I can see, ahead of time, how the black outlines will be, and all that. I was doing this all in photoshop before, and drawing it at 512, the shrinking it, and being very upset when it didn’t look right, but once having shrunk it, I couldn’t make it larger again. And, of course, with Smart Objects, I can.

It appears, from what I have gleamed, that others are doing it in Illustrator as well, but what I haven’t found out, is how they are porting it into a png file. I had tried just exporting from Illustrator, but that doesn’t work right. When I tried drawing in Fireworks, and shrinking, I found that the outlines were changing too much, and I couldn’t make it larger again once I had made the 57×57.

That is the annoying thing about the icon. It has to look good at 57×57 and at 512×512. There doesn’t seem to be a logic about it, and because this whole Apple iPhone thing is so new, there is nothing in place that are best practices. It is a bit like the early days of desk-top publishing. People were designing things that if you picked it up, it would be all over the place, and hard to adjust. This is another good thing about doing the file with smart objects. If someone else wanted to pick up my work, they could, and would be able to even edit the smart object. Total circle.

I will be very happy when this project is done, and I can point out the app. For now, it is just between me, and the developer. *Sigh*.

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