Sites to waste your time on.

I meant to write today about sites that I visit when I have to be in front of the computer, because I am waiting for a job, but I don’t want to get too involved in, for when the job come in. This is often late at night. Often game sites are good, and if this had been several years ago, I would have mentioned Neopets, but that has changed so much and gone so far down hill, that what I would now recommend for a site that you can get in and out of is DragonFable. It is free, it has short quests, and it can be played for little bits at a time.

When I was looking for similar sites, I read reviews of this site, and they said it was too superficial, but that is what I need. I don’t want to spend forever on a site, and not get work done.

And below is a post I started writing several years ago, but never finished, I don’t know why. But some of the sites are still around, so I have thought it would be fun to put here, as I’m trying to make Friday cool site day.


OK, it’s time for more strange sites. I run across them or friends
tell me about them, or I just think they are fun. So I have decided
this should be ongoing. So here’s my next installation.

This first one is work related. It is for people who hate their
jobs. Mostly it is undershirts to wear to feel better about yourself, I
guess. Evil  to the Core. The next two have to do with food. The first is just a list of food
that people eat around the world. Not extensive, not everything is
there, but it is interesting to read the thoughts on the various types
of food everyone eats. The other one is food that we are served on airlines.
It also includes old photos of airline ads. Apparently it is constantly
being updated. Never thought to take a picture of what I was served on
a flight.

This one came up, and is rather fun, weird  auction items.
This one includes the guy selling his girlfriends wedding gown, as well
as a doll based on the photos of him. Other strange stuff all the time.

I was listening to the BBC the other day, and heard them announce that it was  "No Pants Day." This reminded me of Talk  like a Pirate Day. Two holidays that you don’t hear that much about.

And finally, there are the two Japanese related sites. The first is fun, but  strange. It is words in Japan  that are English,
but aren’t being used to make sense. Apparently there is a site which
also has Japanese words being misused in other countries, but that is
only funny if you know Japanese.

And this site has seldom asked questions about Japan. Questions are there that I haven’t even thought of. Quite fun.

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