Sites of Interest

Some people only visit my blog because I monition odd sites I have run across. OK, so here are some more from various lists I am on.

  • Postcard Secrets: This is a site of postcards done as art, declaring a secret that they have never shared with anyone. Some are quite sad, some are funny, and some sound as though the person needed a good hug. :(
  • A site for odd Japanese food. Quite fun. He also have photo shots in there as well, but the food reviews were what drew me to this site.
  • This is Broken, is about things that are broken in the world, be then ads, or signs or whatever. Somethings aren’t quite broken, but seem that way.
  • This is a site about how not to do sites (it is done all in graphics.) It is odd watching it load for the first time.
  • Hall of technical weirdness

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