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Today, I’m going to talk some more about  the list of "inspirational" sites that Adobe mentioned in its survey, that I wrote about the other day.

  • When I first saw this URL, I thought it was referring to, which is a great site for books, and learning tools about design and the web. Used to be more personable, before she became a brand unto herself. Still a good place to send people to see web colors. Lynda-Design however appears to be a place to buy web design templates. Interestingly enough, even though I decry this sort of thing, I had the occasion to need one such template, for a free-be job I had to do, and thus used this service, and have to say it was quite well done. Very well constructed and quite reasonable.
  •   I’ve never looked at Macromedia as a place to go for inspiration, though it is a good place to learn about the products, and their showcase page is good for seeing what others are doing with Flash and their other products.
  • is of course, the print color standard used in the U.S. I don’t think this would be a site I would visit very often, but who knows. They do have articles, apparently if you sign up and become a member, on design.
  •   This group I have heard of. This is the home page for the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. This site lets you look up past issues of their magazine. I think it would be better to just get the magazine. It appears that there are also membership only benefits, but since I’m not a member I can’t really go into what they are.
  • This is the website for Print magazine.  There really isn’t anything here; you can’t get back stories, or anything like that. Mostly it is a place to see what the contents of the issue are going to be, but other than the TOC, the information is all in the print magazine itself.
  •   This is the website for RES Magazine: Film, Music, Art, Design, Culture. Interesting short articles on things like "submissive president" and the Oulu 2004, an arts festival in Oslo

More tomorrow.

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