Setting up multiple sites, without having access to new databases with Backup Buddy

Usually it isn’t a problem to create a clone, when using Backup Buddy, especially if you are using a control panel.  But what if you don’t have a control panel, and what if you are only allowed one database to boot? Welcome to the other way to work, with a certain ISP in the Bay Area.

So, welcome Codex to the rescue, as usual.  In their article on installing multiple blogs, they explain:

By default, WordPress assigns the table prefix wp_ to its MySQL database tables, but this prefix can be anything you choose. By using more than one, you create unique identifiers for each blog in your database. For example, let’s say you have three blogs to set up, with the names Main, Projects and Test. You want to substitute the prefix wp_ for each blog’s wp-config.php:

So, rather than having to do anything with the database itself, the way the ISP told me to do, I just changed what the name of the prefix was, when I was going through the migrate steps in Backupbuddy, and there it was.  Working perfectly.


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