Servers for the home

Most people, I would think, wouldn’t need a home server, but I could be wrong. I have noticed more ads for home servers. Now, I could understand why I might need one, having, as I do about five computers in the house, but do people who don’t work in a home office really need a server? Have we so wound ourselves around the computer that wee need massive storage and accessability?

And of course, we all need more storage.  Dean Takahasi, in the San Jose Mercury News, in his predictions for 2008 said that one of the big things will be more storage. He didn’t mention servers, but he did mention terabytes. He said that people will be able to save files off site even.

The problem is, as was pointed out to me, that when you lose the internet, or power, you don’t have access to your files, something you do have if they are on at least a local drive.

I worry that as the hard drives have gotten larger, I haven’t been backing up as much, saving old files. It makes it easier to just look on my hard drive for files three or four years old, but my gosh. Larger and larger.

But, I’m all for more storage, and perhaps, at some point, I will break down and buy a server.

Or at least a larger hard drive.

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