SEO stuff for Friday

I got a call from a client the other day. He had had me make him a website and a brochure and he was surprised that his website wasn’t showing up when he did a search for it on Google. I would have been surprised, frankly, because these days it takes so much more to appear at all.

As Julie Hyde, a college who specializes in Search Engine Optimization said that to put your website up without doing SEO stuff to it was like putting it in the middle of the dessert and expecting people to find you. I suppose the solution would have been to send my client to her, but I doubt he could have afforded her, so I did the best I could.

I added meta tags, I labeled pages, I added Google Analystics. If I could get him to add a blog, I would. I would love him to add links, but he couldn’t think of any. *Sight*. But of course, all this is just not enough, so I have included (along with the link above to Julia’s page (which is a world of reading unto itself, very smart women), some other sites of interest.

  • SEOBook This is an intersting site, talking about all the places and things that I hadn’t even considered, rot thought about. Wow.
  • JS Kit: Now this might seem odd, but driving traffic to your site also helps if you have comments, and if you don’t have a blog, you usually can’t find a way to add comments. This little script allows you to have comments on your regular website.
  • And of course, Andreas, who, like julie, above, has been very hot and heavy into SEO, and writes about it quite a bit in his blog, and on his site. It is a fun site to visit, and you can wander around quite a bit.  Hopefully, in wandering, you’ll find out about the book he wrote with Stephanie Cole.  If it sounds like I am plugging either Julie or Andreas, I am in a way, both quite smart, and quite interesting to talk to.

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