SEO for Blogging, how to, and what to do

We have probably all heard about Search Engine Optimization for websites, but did you know there is a whole section for just blogging. I haven’t tried to raise my seo ranking, but then I didn’t know that I could, but according to this website you

I suppose, if I followed the rules, I could write into my blog those key words that most people are searching for. Or I could use Google Blogsearch and see what others in my blog-sphere are writing about. On bit of advice that I do agree on is writing headlines that tell what you are writing about. I have had people searching for something other than what I was writing about finding my blog that way.

Actually, the highest hits I had recently was when I used "Graphic Design" in my subject line. Amazing how many people found me from there, considering that I am a graphic designer.

One thing that I don’t do, and should do more of, is focus on reading other graphic design blogs and commenting there. But, that is not all I am, and that is not what I read. I read about comics, and news, and other things that one needs to know in order to know how to be creative. Reading only graphic design sites would drive me crazy.

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