Searching for TV moments

Google has a new beta (as they have so much stuff) that will let you search for shows that have been broadcast. It is being called "Google Video" It is rather interesting to see what comes in when I plug in something to search. (I have a slight handicap, as I don’t have a television, and so I’m not sure what to search for. According to an article, the way they are doing this by using closed captioning and program guides to find the results. As usual, there is a reason behind all this, other than just helping people. According to the article, quoted above:

With TV networks losing viewers and
commercials, attaching web-ads to video search results is a new way to
target viewers now blowing past 30 second spots on their TiVos.

says, "Their target market is the global advertising pie, and that’s
about $500 billion right now. If you can see them getting online search
ten percent of that in the future, you’d be talking about $50 billion
or so."

Co-Founder Larry Page, quoted in Information Today, says that "What Google did for the Web, Google Video aims to do for television". Although, as the article points out, there is no video involved her, just text. If you click on the image, it will just say that the video itself is not available yet.

An apparently Google isn’t the only one to offer a similar service.  BlinkX TV is also offering something, and it does show the video (although rather small) associated with the text supplied. It also ranks them in order of their broadcast.  It even lists which stations it is gathering the snippets and video  Yahoo also has a video search, but it appears to be similar to Google’s image search, and isn’t as stunning as BlinkX. Singing Fish, which I usually think of for music searches, also searches for videos. When I used it however, it brought up a video all by itself, without explaining what it was, which I found rather odd.

In all, I agree with the reports that Google’s launch of this beta is a little premature, because of the lack of video, but then, I find the still pictures to be just fine, and much larger then the ones on BlinkX.
And since I get my news from radio and newspapers, I don

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