Screen Capture programs

One of the things I miss from OS 9 (and all the versions before that) was the way that when I clicked "shift" "cloverleaf" "4", my screen shot would render the pictures in pct. Pct. wouldn’t work with anything else, but then I could turn it into a tiff or a jpg or something else. OS 10 always makes them into pdfs. For some, that might make more sense, because everyone can read PDFs, but for me, at least, I want a program that will work with Photoshop So, with that line of thought,I decided to investigate some alternative screen capture programs.

SnapWeb I couldn’t’ test, because it only works in System X.3, but I am including it here anyway, in case you have upgraded.

Constrictor 2.3 Apparently works with all versions of OS X. It is an application though, so it won’t run automatically when you press shift control 4. It looks like this on your screen:


It seems to work ok, but not what I used to use which was Screen Catcher. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been rewritten to work with anything higher than OS 9.2.2. It was great though, and if you are are still in System 9, this would be my choice.

Code Line Communications has a tool called “Screenshot Pro” that works with OS 9 and OS X (strange but true.) It looks a little more like the window that OSX brings up, but it also has a little tool window that shows you where you are drawing your box. Once you “take the shot” it allows you to name and save in several modes. The site lets you try a demo for 30 days before paying.


So my conclusion? I didn’t really like any one of them a whole lot, and I wish that ScreenCatcher would come out with a version for OS X.

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