Scam email

As I have mentioned in the past, my mother has an email address, but she doesn’t use it, because of all the spam. I, on the other hand, don’t have that option. I can’t go without email. And, as I mentioned yesterday, despite having two spam filters, stuff gets through. And some of the stuff that has been getting through lately is scary, scam spam, or as the article in the Mercury News called it “Phishing”.

The long and short of it is that scammers are using email now to grab people’s information. Just as you should never give out credit card or ssi information over the phone to scammers, so too, should you not do so online. Even though it looks legitimate. I’ve seen stuff from places that have somehow figured out the ending of your credit card (which is often the only thing stored), and have asked your too update it. Sorry. I’m not falling for that one.

They are very tricky, making it look as though they are really from the site. Wells Fargo, whose customers have been target lately, even launched a fraud-prevention section to their site.

I would probably go without mail, the way my mother has.

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