Saturday Thoughts


Some days I just want to kick back and smell the flowers. Here are the flowers


The flowers above are bluebells and white daffodils. It’s raining, and the air smells so sweet. This is in my front yard, and I can see these from my window.

My girlfriend and my housemate both keep cutting the flowers and brining them in the house, but I love to see them in the garden.


These are kale blooming. I eat the kale in the morning. I love fresh greens.


I finally have my blog pointing to my url of
I spent all week working on this. The help desk at Typepad was very helpful, (thank you Brenna) but the instructions that I tried to follow were not. I like to be able to follow directions, but was not able to in this case. I am very thankful to my ISP, because they helped me, along with Brenna from TypePad, to figure out what was going on.

My main complaint though, is if I had such a hard time figuring it out, how the heck do other people figure it out? If even my ISP provider was baffled, how is everyone else doing it? I even tried looking at other blog sites, such as Blogger, to see if their instructions were any simpler. They had a provision for ftping to your own site, but everyone time I tried, I got an error. I worked and worked, and finally gave up and went back to seeing if I could get the domain mapping at Typepad to work.

So is it me? Am I the only one who has this problem? Or is it that everyone else isn’t doing it? Or they are getting help from high tech friends? Are they having someone else install the software, such as Movabletype , which is made by the same people who put out TypePad, onto their servers. Does everyone else understand how to do this?

Or are they like someone on of my lists that said if she never heard the word “blog” again, it would be too soon.

Or is it like one of my clients who says she is waiting for the day when using computers is so easy, it’s like using the toaster, and until then she hires people like me to do her websites and design work.

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