RSS Feed on your website

A colleague of mine has one of those problems so many of us who do design and other types of creative services have, we don’t have time to promote ourselves when we are busy.  (Although, as I mentioned the other day, another one of my clients is making it a priority to keep their portfolio up to date, so it is a matter of taking the time, sometimes.)

Rick has been busy with stuff other than his website, but the other day, he updated it, and I took a look. I was surprised to see an RSS feeds on it. I had seen RSS feeds on blogs, but never on a regular website, but that is rather cool, really, especially if you are in the process of building it. It is much more fun to be informed that things have changed then to have to keep going back and looking to see how the progress was getting along. It is the equivalent of getting a newsletter, but with a much smaller message.

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