Reviews that do me no good

Oh, I supposed I should call  this Reviews that frustrate me more than do me no good, because, I suppose, in the long run they do. And the column, in the Mercury News, in all fairness, is called "First Look", meaning that it is the first time you would be looking at something. But what is the most annoying is that the last few times I have seen something on First Look, it is not available to the general public yet. So, what is the point? What is the point of showing something that is still hidden?

The latest example was for flip. It is a product from Lunarr that sounded quite cool, but when I went to the home page, it asked fro a login, although there were links tot he rest of the site, which I found rather off-putting. When I finally wandered around the site, I finally discovered the part where they say, oh, we gave previews to members of the press, and if you ask really nicely we might let you in.

Forget it. i would rather come back when you were letting everyone in.

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