Redundant Part II

OK, I’m sure I shouldn’t worry about it, but today one of my clients was telling me about how wonderful it was that now she could do all her own graphic work,since she purchased Hallmark Deluxe 2003 . So I took at look at that, and discovered, oh, it just does greeting cards, no biggie. But then on another page I noticed Print Artist which allows you to create business cards, newsletters, business stationery. She was so excited about all the money she would save doing everything herself.

Well, at least she hasn’t got to web-sties in a box. She is having me design a new website for her, and I asked her what she wanted and she said, oh you’re the creative one. I know I’ll like whatever you do. No direction, but at least she values me for something. I asked her for examples of websites that she liked, and I heard her clicking through some sites while we spoke on the phone, and she kept saying, no, no, hate that one. Finally I got some direction from her. “Blue” she said. “My color is blue”.


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