Recycling in your home office

My father grew up in the Depression, and I suppose some of that sticks to me, as I hate to throw things away, if there is still come use in them. The world is so much a throw-away society, and I resist it. Hand-me-downs are good, compost is great for the garden.

So what does this have to do with your home office? Paper is expensive, and even though most of the time I am sending things out over the Internet, there are still times I need to print things out for my own use, and that is when I print things out on both sides of the paper. Once I have used a sheet of paper, I put it back into the printer drawer to be used again. Sometimes, if not much is printed on the paper the first time, I can use it as many as two other times.

For a while, when my kid was younger, I could even give her pages that weren’t quite full of words and she would draw in the white space.

So remember, use as much as you can, then put it in the recycle bag.

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