Read before updating your wordpress plugins

I recently updated a bunch of plugins, on a site.  I always get antsy when updating wordpress itself, but the plugins, I dont’ worry about. I should. Thus begins my latest of tale of RTFM or rather RTFCL (read the fricking change log.

One of the updates I had to made was to the social media plugin  It is one of my favorite plugins, for putting in social media logos, but it has always been very unweildly.  This recent update was a breath of fresh air.  Gone was the huge box which you had to scroll down through.  Now it just has a little box that opens and allows you to click off which social media icon you want.

But, and you knew there was going to be a but, I didn’t notice that they had taken out one social media that my client used, until I got an email saying, “what happened to my itunes link” and sure enough it was gone. Sure enough, when I checked, it was gone, and then I went and read the change log.

Fortunately, they do allow you to put in your own symbols, so I was able to add it back in.

So that is the tale of thinking before changing, for the day.



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