Random Thoughts on OSX

Used to be that there was the Mac people and the PC people. Now, there are the third people. The Mac OSX people. For the longest time I was not of this group. Then I did a huge job for client and was able to buy a G5, and now I am in Mac OSX.2 land. (what is that, Juaguar?) I can’t keep these cat names straight.

Anyway, that makes for the haves and tha have nots. There are certain programs that will only run in OSX.

I feel as if I am speaking to the disadvantaged sometimes. “Oh, that will work just fine in Adobe 6.0″, or “Well, if you just went to OSX, then you could do this in Photoshop CS”.

Back to work, or I can’t afford to do this sort of thing on the site.

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