Random Spam

Wired magazine mentioned this back in Jan., but I’ve been noticing it more lately. Most spam seems to come on the weekend, and especially Sunday nights. If they are trying to avoid being filtered, it isn’t working. My junk filter caught this one the other day:

seduction sponsor nigger septillion taxi ombudsman ar dredge lawmake lisp sunset absence crumble moser postmark millard circus conscript delineate emerge felice predilect thyroxine toffee chinatown befall ember hare florence suburbia entrepreneur ophthalmic apiece device loaves dwell accede lot ashley compilation concurring stucco kyoto bergen whoever watchword phloem insane drawback embellish choir dressy murphy perilla carport thiamin sheaf

Random words. Also known as “Hash busting” according to the Wired article. But this doesn’t work for long. I had to search in my spam bucket to find the example above.

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