Random pages of interest

Sometimes I just like to wonder around the web and see what is out there. Sometimes I stumble on things from other lists I’m on. It isn’t all work.  So todays list is totally random, but interesting to look at.

  • Children’s Illustration. This site shows more than writes about children’s book illustrators. i would love a more in depth site, but this is fun to look at.
  • Censored cartoons: Yes, we know that a lot of the cartoons had violence taken out, but it is interesting to see what else was removed. And this site has pictures from banned cartoons.
  • Science Fiction/Fantasy authors who blog. I have said this before, I don’t see how people who write for a living have time to write for a blog, but according to Mark Evanier, he uses blog to warm up for the day.  That it is a nice way to take a break.
  • Park(ing) Day: Well, this is a bit in advance, but I read about this last year, and it looked very cool. Artists turn parking places into urban parks, the size of a parking place. This will happen in San Francisco, L.A. and New York.  According to the site, a total of 100 cities will be participating this year.  Granted this isn’t until September, but you can always get out and see it again this year.

And that is it for now. I have to go back to work.

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