Radio musings

BBC2 mention again

With the time difference an all of eight hours (or nine with daylight savings for the next week being off what it is here), I am always listening to late night radio, even when it is not late night here. So I was listening to Alex Lester, and he was playing “Santa Cruz, you’re not that far” and I wrote him and said, yes, it isn’t that far, it’s about half an hour from me.

Silly, I have my own radio show, as I think I’ve said before, on KKUP, but still, there is nothing like getting mentioned half a world away.

what does this have to do with design and graphics?

Nothing, just a Sunday musing.

I think i’m allowed that from time to time.

Laura Flanders

I interviewd Laura Flanders today, about her new book “Bushwomen: Tales of a cynical Speicies”. Go out and buy it right now, or check it out from the library. Great book. If you ever thought Bush was pulling the wool over your eyes, now you’ll see how and why.

Try to catch her on tour.

OK, end of plug. It was a great interview, and if you don’t buy the book, at least read this excert in The Nation.

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