Quark and InDesign

Notice that I didn’t say Quark vs InDesign. I am still using both products, although, to be honest, I am trying to migrate over to InDesign. This is rather a tough choice. I’ve been using Quark for well over 10 years, more years than my daughter has been alive. Before that, I was using PageMaker, and even wrote on book on it. Using InDesign, to tell the truth, is rather like using an elegant version of PageMaker. Some key strokes, that I used so long ago, I can use again, such as the keystroke to place text. For long, I have used “”command” (clover leaf) “e”, and now my mind says, “oh yes, “command” “d”. I remember that.

The best reason for using InDesign is that if you use other Adobe products, they all work well together. The CS version of InDesign works wonderfully with OS X, so that makes me happy.

Quark, on the other hand, has come up with a version, finally, that runs on OSX too, but unfoundedly, not all print shows are accepting this version.

Hmm, I seem to keep coming up with reasons against Quark. Perhaps I should have titled this “Quark vs. InDesign” after all.

According to the latest issue of MacWorld, Quark is trying to come up with a InDesign killer, an extension called QuarkVista. They need to organize their search engine, though, because when I tried to find this page, from within Quark’s website, it didn’t come up. I had to go to Google. :( Anyway, this will do some of the things that you’ve been able to do in InDesign for some time now.

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