Publicity for Konfabulator

They say that any publicity, even bad publicity is good. It seems that way for Konfabulator. I certainly hadn’t heard about them until Apple announced their “dashboard” for Systems OS X.4. I would never have stumbled across them. Although I do try to stay on the cutting edge, I also have to get my work done. I am not paid to keep up on the latest trends, the way I was when I worked for an ad agency. Now, I struggle just to make sure I have all the latest versions of the software that is out there.

So, I checked out Konfabulator, having read about them in the Mercury News when they were talking about “Dashboard”. I pondered what I saw. Why would I want little floating windows all over my screen. I have enough junk cluttering up my screen. I wandered around the site, looking at all it had to offer, scratched my head, and downloaded the software to evaluate.

So, I ended up buying. Do I need to have a changing photo floating on my screen? Do I need to have the weather, updated every five minutes (and in a sunnier spot than I live) on my screen? Do I really need to know the phases of the moon? Or a to-do list? Or an analogue clock? Well, no. but i ended up getting it anyway, as it grew on me. I am able to say, oh, it’s 85 degrees outside, without going outside. I can say, oh, it’s the dark of the moon, without looking at the calendar. Silly, yes, but, hey, my screen saver is too.

Good luck Konfabulator. Ride that wave.

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