Programs protection

Back in the bad old days, people could swap programs all the time. I once told my brother something to this effect, and he lectured me. He, being a software programmer. He felt I was stealing, which I was. This was back before I was a freelancer, back when I was making so little, and just wanted to take work home at night. Stealing? I thought I was borrowing. :)

Now, the software companies have gotten smart. It isn’t just enough to have the proper serial number. Now, the programs automaticaly connects you to the web and makes sure that you aren’t reinstalling a program. Even if you are legal, you can have problems, such as I had with Quark. I had gotten the new Quark 6, in antiication of getting OSX. I was instructed to go to a website, but when I typed in the horribly long code, I was told that it wasn’t the right code. After many phone calls and agony, I finally got it installed. But I have read of other horrors of others. Both Quark and Macromedia and apparently Adobe Photoshop have these safe-guards now.

Good thing I own all my own software these days, so in theory I shouldn’t have this problem again.

That is, unless I upgrade to OSX.3, which I understand makes this problem appear agin.

I think I’ll wait to upgrade my system.

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