Problems with Yahoo Mail

I have never had problems with Yahoo mail. I have been using it as a business address for years now, simply because it is reliable, and doesn’t fail. I love how quick it is. I love that it is both POP and web based. I love that it can move large files.

But last week, I was not in love with it. I would send out messages, and my clients would not receive them for hours, sometimes days later. They would call, to make sure I had gotten the message, and done the job. I would send and send, and nothing would happen. I had to, gasp, resort to using my old email address that has been so stolen that I get bounced mail from Russia. I hate to use it, but I had to.

After what I guess was only a week, I finally heard from Yahoo. Of course, they made it sound like a feature. As though they were doing me a favor updating the servers. But, I wish they had noticed it sooner, and fixed it sooner.

Recently, we saw an unexpected increase in traffic through the
servers dedicated to sending Yahoo! Mail Plus POP/SMTP messages. As a
result, some users have experienced varying delays in the delivery of
Yahoo! Mail messages sent via external email clients. We understand
that this has been frustrating, and sincerely apologize for the

Then then made me go off and change my POP settings.

Of course, only people who were sending from their email client were affected, like me. It would have been nice if the3y had sent a letter when it first happened, just a letter to let us know to use the web based version. That would have been fine.

It’s amazing how much I rely on email these days, but then we all do. It used to be more phone calls, but now it is mostly email. I am amazed to actually talk to people some days.  Good thing I either have my clients phone numbers or IM accounts, or I would never have been able to get ahold of them, to know what was going on, and fix it.

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