Problems with Edit Pages in WordPress

This is more a tale of caution that anything. I was working on a client’s site, and noticed that every time I tried to update a page, that the screen would go blank, or that I could only edit in HTML, or I couldn’t edit at all. Unfortunately, the client noticed this as well, so I had to fix it , and fast. The first thing I tried, was changing the theme, but that was a minor solution. I had worked harm putting the them together to be what he wanted, and I couldn’t imagine having to rebuild it from another template.

Exasperated, I finally started searching, and came across a problem with a solution. Apparently, there are certain plug ins that cause problems with the edit pages. There were some solutions offered, but the quickest  one was just to remove the plug-ins, which I did.

When asked why I had plug-ins that could be removed, that weren’t important, I explained that I was fooling around with new plug-ins that I thought would be cool. I will be more careful in future to vent every plug-in before adding it, especially when adding it to a client site where the client is trying to put together the content, and so needs access.

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