Podcasts and why I listen to them.

I spend to much time in front of the computer, that when I get away from it, I would rather read books, the dead-tree kind, but I have fallen in love with pod-casts, as I can listen to them late at night, just as I am falling asleep, after I am done reading.

At first I resisted getting an iPod because I work out of my home office, and I figured anything that I could see on my computer was just fine. But I don’t take the computer to bed (although I did once when I was ill, but that is for another blog).

So, what do I listen to? I listen to a mix of entertainment and information. Here is a list of what is currently in my podcast list:

  • Entertainment
    • Best of YouTube
    • C2 Uchafbwynitau’r Wythnos
    • Doctor Who PodShock
    • New Yorker Animated Cartoons
    • Onion Radio News
    • Onion News Network
    • The President’s Weekly Radio Address
    • BBC Radio 2′s Russel Brand
    • BBC Radio 2′s Steve Wright
  • Informational
    • CNET TV "The Queue"
    • WebAlert
    • Learn Spanish with Coffee Break Spanish

I have just started getting WebAlert, but find it very informative, in a nice compact amount of space and time. The CNET The Queue is also very quick and informative. They are both good ways to catch news I might have missed.

As for the entertainment ones, they are simply entertainment, but I enjoy them quite a bit.  I find it is easy to fall asleep listening to them.

The one in Welsh, I have no idea what they are talking about, but it is almost as good as white noise for falling asleep to, and I don’t have to worry that I might have missed anything. WIsh there was a coffee cup Welsh I could download.

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  • Mark Pentleton Says:

    Hola, Laura. No Coffee Break Welsh yet, but coming up in early 2008 will be a new course for complete beginners in Welsh (along with Irish and Scottish Gaelic too, hopefully!)

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