Podcast which I wish were more helpful for Mac users

I have been subscribing to some podcasts lately that I wish were more about the Mac, or perhaps less so, or…I guess I had better explain.

I know I shouldn’t except a whole lot, because they are free, but I would like something out of them, mainly how they relate to Mac people. But then I get something like Mac Quick Tip of the Week, and that is too Mac-sentric. So, there are things I like about it. It does talk about hidden things in the operating system, things that I haven’t used yet. But what I don’t like about it is that it only talks about Apple products, which I suppose makes sense, as it is done by Apple, but I don’t use the Apple mail program, I don’t  use the Apple substitute for MS Office, and I don’t use whatever they have for people who don’t have photoshop. I suppose what I would really like is an Adobe podcast on how to use their products.

The Queue, from CNET TV is fun, and I have learned a lot from watching it, but they often neglect to say that something they are talking about is only for the  Several times, I have rushed over to the web, to look at a product, only to find it only work on the PC, and newer PCs at that.

I haven’t seen enough of WebAlert to form a strong opinion, but she has presented some interesting ideas, and at least for now, I have only run into one which only worked on a PC and she failed to mention it.

I just started listening to "Rule the Web", but if it is anything like the book, it will work across all platforms, which is good enough for me.

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