Please don’t steal the photos

Have you ever seen a photo in one of those sites, such as Getty (ne Photodisc) or Leer, or any of the many expensive photo places online, and though, oh, well, the comp will do, and I’ll go back later and buy it?

I haven’t.

Really, I haven’t. I come from a world of print designers, so I wouldn’t think of stealing photos. I have used them for comps, and then gone back to the client to buy them, once they have chosen. Once, I did that, and the client got upset that they had to pay for photos. She thought I was ripping her off, as though I should have access to all the photos in the world, and give them to her.

I was thinking about this because another list I am on mentioned that Getty is going after people who do just that, take the un-watermarked comp photos and use them in their websites. Of all the sites I have done, I am pleased to say I’m not worried about anyone coming after me for that.

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