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This doesn’t really have anything to do with site optimization, other than the fact that Julia Hyde was telling me the other day that she ranked number one on MSN and Yahoo, but not on Google. This got me to thinking about other places to search, besides Google. I don’t tend to go elsewhere, especially since the google search is set up on the two or three main browsers I am now using on my Mac (mostly FireFox, but occasionally Safari and Opera). What other places can one search? Well, a recent article in the San Jose Mercury News, listed quite a few. And no, they aren’t just “search engines” per se, but places to do research. Of course, you can read the article, since I’ve linked to it hear, but one of the best pieces of advice is going to the library. No, not actually walking or driving to the library, but accessing it online. As my mother, the reference librarian used to say, she didn’t have all the answers, but she knew where to get them, and that is what libraries are good for. The Mercury brings up the San Jose Public Library, butthere are others. In fact, they also bring up the “Liberians’ Index to the Internet” as a great place to search. Just as wandering through the card catalogue, or along the shelves can be fun, wandering around the different libraries that are online out there is also fun. While searching, I cam across the following libraries online:

  • Santa Cruz Public Libraries: This includes “Ask a Liberian, as well as being able to find books, special sections for kids, and internet tutorials.
  • Los Angeles Public Library: This one has databases that are available for nonresidents of Los Angeles. What is also cool is their regional history resources.
  • Actually, any library online is a great way to fall into the trap of wondering around the internet, because when I searched for just Public Library, I connected with the Internet Public Library, run by the School of Information at the University of Michigan.The
    Library Spot
    : which seems to be a good spot to just wander around. The good thing is it also links you to even more libraries that are online.

But this has strayed from what the Mercury article was about. So what are the other places to do searches? Well, it depends on what you want to know. As the article pointed out, if you want to limit your search to just blogs, Google isn’t the best place to look. They recommend:

What I would really like to find is a way for Google to not search blogs. The other day I was looking for anything about a new know security breach found on the Mac. My Mac list was chatting about it, and quoting a bunch of blogs, but no news report. No big authority. The point became moot when Apple released a security update. I hate that I have to search Google News to find non-blog listings, but even that didn’t find me big authorities that were talking about it. :(

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