Places to go for design inspiration

Today I am going to continue the list of sites that Adobe thought were places of inspiration.

  •   This site appears to be the home page for Communications Arts, which is the magazine which I have recommended in the past. This site has some of the stories that are in Communication Arts, but I would recommend buying the "dead-tree" version, as this magazine is great for keeping and referring to. But, in favor of this site, is a section called "Design Interact" This site also has a job listing page.
  • This is for buying stock photography. I don’t quite think of this as an inspirational site, or even a site to go for help with work, unless looking at photos does that.
  •   This site is apparetnly a service of It gives information on fonts, graphics and print. There is a news section for each of these topics as well as feature articles and reviews. There is even a "Quick tip" for each of these sections, and tutorials, although these are only in pdf form, unlike the Adobe Studio site, which has them in both forms.
  • This site appears to be a place to look at professional campaigns and portfolios. It opens to full screen, and is entirely in Flash. It can be inspiring to look at others’ designs.
  •   Element K Journals put out "how-tos" on various subjects. You can also sign up to get free tips and tricks sent to you in the main, as well as buying their publications. You can also download one free issue from the site.
  • This has a wretched site design for the front page. This is mostly a place to purchase fonts, but there are also sample articles from the magazine that Emegre puts out.
  •   This is another site for buying images, mostly photography, although there are illustrations as well, But other than looking at these photos, there isn’t much info or design information..
  •  This is another magazine site, How Magazine. As with Communications Arts magazine, I think the print version is better, but this also lists some articles online, just to give you a taste of the magazine. This site also has a job site, but it doesn’t "feel" as fresh as the others.
  •   I guess inspiration comes from all over. This site is nothing but movie posters, but they are interesting movie posters. Posters that you may not have seen, different than the ones in the theatres, or just variations. If nothing else, it can teach you have to give a message in just one shot.

Tomorrow, I will finish up this list. I find that I’m spending far to much time exploring, and not enough time working. :)


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