Places to go for design help?

I did a survey for Adobe the other day. It seemed as though they were trying to make their site be visited on a daily or weekly basis, and so they were asking, among other thing, how often I visited the studio part of the site (where all the hints are) and what other sites I visited on a daily basis. They had a long list of sites, which I am going to list here, and discuss, because although I had heard of some of them, I had hadn’t heard of them all.

  • :  This one is obvious. What the link should be, though, is for Studio. Studio is the place to go for some amazing tips from Peachpit, and other sources. There are tips for every Adobe product currently supported.
  • I’d never heard of this site before. It seems to be a more inspiration sort of site, rather than a place to learn anything. These were the founders of "Buy Nothing Day"
  •   I don’t usually go to Apple for inspiration of any kind, just to find what the latest things are.
  •  This site is for the professional association for communication design. It offers advice on working with a graphic designer and how to find a designer. Both appear to be good sound advice. They speak about looking at portfolios, and such. For the design end of things, there is a Design Forum, wish things like "Ask Doctor Design" and "Design Rockism" The is a nation wide organization and if you don’t belong to any group, this might be a good one to join, if you are in graphic design.  There are discussion boards, where you can join in with your ideas and comments.
    There are even job postings. This part of the site is sponsored by Aquent, the talent agency which used to be MacTemps, long ago. Aquent is listed as being the official AIGA talent agency.
  • Aquent itself is an interesting site to go for inspiration. They don’t always seem to take themselves seriously. For example, watch the video on this page by Harold Moonbayer (yeah, right). You can also look up portfolios of designers you could hire through Aquent, and in their "Free Tools" section they list the informational videos.

There are more sites on the list from the Adobe survey, and I continue with them tomorrow.

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