Phishing in IM

I didn’t know. Isn’t that what people always say? I didn’t realize I could spread phising attacks that way?

OK, so I didn’t know that phising were now spreading through IM, so I didn’t recognize it when it came. It was strange. It was from someone on my list, but the message was strange. It pointed me to a website. Well, I’ve sent those sort of messages, so I checked it out, and it asked me to log in. I did so, and nothing happened.

I might have thought nothing of it, except that my daughter, whose computer is in my office, also had her IM on, and she is on my buddy list. A moment later I heard a message come in to her, and sure enough it was from me, telling her to go to that same site.  I learned from at least one other person on my list, that it went to them as well.

But other than stealing my identity for a moment, nothing more seemed to have come from that encounter.

It turns out I was either incredibly lucky, or I just don’t know what has really happened yet. According to a Search Security article recently, the IM phishing have been increasing by leaps and bounds, and security is increasing as well.

What is good, or bad, is that Yahoo knows about the problem, and has set up pages to help you deal with it.

I have since changed my password.

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    Hey, Rainbird, just checking in from the other blog. Regards to your and the smaller Bird. Graphic designers rock! Or sit and stare at their monitors, occasionally refreshing their Joshreads page…I forget which.

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