People need to have someting to talk about

People need to talk about something other than work or the weather or their pets. That’s sort of the basis for Guy Kawasaki’s "Stupidest Idea Ever" . He wanted to invent a site that generated rumors and truths, and give people something to talk about. Guy has been funding start ups, and decided to try his hand at one and came up with Tremors. Think of it as Boing-Boing, but with audience participation. According to the article, another site is out there, and has been out there, doing the same thing, Fark. Actually, I like going to Snopes, just to see what people are believing these days. Best of Craigs list is also a fun place to see what is going on in people’s heads.

But he said he wanted it to be a stupid idea, and it actually sounds like something that could be fun. We all need more things to talk about. Heck, we can’t live in front of the computer all our lives. We have to come out sometimes to eat.

So in honor of the original Mac Guru, I will try to visit his site a few times to help build his numbers, if nothing else, and find things to talk about, when I’m done talking about work.

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