People being ripped off

I have this one client that told me she paid $x amount and had nothing done to her site. This was actually how I got her as a client. She was reluctant to spend more, being ripped off before. I went into the site and saw evidence that the other web designer had gotten in there, but not done much, other than make links that didn’t work. I went in, cleaned things up, and now this client thinks I walk on water. She called me the other day to make a very minor change to her site. As we chatted about other things, I told her the change had been made. That is when she started telling me about someone she knew that needed a site, but had already paid for it, so she guessed that wasn’t a good lead. She told me the woman had been waiting for several months, though, to see any results.

This shocks me, though I suppose it shouldn’t. I suppose there are people out there cheating people in all shorts of businesses. Unfortunately, it makes web designers look bad. I said I would like a gig like that, getting money for doing nothing.

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