People are people

I was at an event, recently, at my daughter’s new school. She had been at her last school for seven years, but it stopped at 6th grade, and she had to move on. I didn’t think it would be so odd and surreal. The school is still in the same area of the county as the last place she went to, but none of her friends were going there. She had to make all new friends, which she seems to be doing well.

What I found most surreal was that the people, the children and adults, all look like the children and and adults from her last school. Everyone looks as though they should be people I know, but aren’t. People I have seen on and off for six or seven years, are replaced by people I may have seen on the street, or in shops, but that I have never met. And weirder, some know my name, because they have seen me pick up my daughter or I was introduced to them when we held our first parent meeting, or our first new parent meeting, or…I forget. I am not good with names or faces, essentially faces that look like I should know them.

Northern Santa Cruz county is very white, very liberal, and very hippyish. It is not surprising that people look the way they do, because that is what this area is composed of. I guess it is just something I have to get used to. I am hoping soon enough I will know everyone, and I won’t feel as though I am watching a video of a movie with a name I can’t read.

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