PCs vs Macs

I remember when there really was a difference.

A big difference. I still have Windows 98 on my one wintel machine in my office (all the others are Macs in various states of use). I can still see the big difference between the Mac, even OSX, and Windows 98.

But today, I was over at a clients, and I got to use the Windows XP. Wow. That is so cool. They have finally turned the PC into a Mac (or vice versa). Very nice. Only took 20 years. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. :(

Ah, but the good thing is that at least the Mac doesn’t have holes that you can drive a barn through, along with a herd of elephants. I’ve heard the latest fix for IE actually caused even more problems. It’s sort of like taking medications, you take one and then take another to fix the side effects of the other…

What is it they said in the old days “Get a mule”? when those new fangled cars would break down?

“Get a Mac”

No, just kidding. Then all the hackers and bad things would start happening to my computer.

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