Passwords and accounts

I saw a TV show a while back, perhaps it was a new report, where someone asked random people on the street to reveal their password. They were more than willing to say it out load, to the world, and didn’t think anything of it. I might have been one of those, but not any more.

I recently got an email from "Working Assets" which is the company I use for my long distance, telling me that if I used their service and checked my account online, that I should change my password. They weren’t asking me to change my password for them. (Which would have made me think it was a phising attack, and wasn’t the real company), but telling me to go to my other accounts where I used the same email address and password, common places such as Amazon and PayPal.

This what the letter said, in part:

If this email address and password are used together on any other accounts, it is recommended that you change your password on those accounts and sites immediately. We recognize that this is an enormous inconvenience, but this step will minimize your security risk.

Fortunately I had recently changed most of my passwords to one more difficult to guess, on all but one of my major accounts, so I went and changed it. In fact, my credit card account is so hard to remember that each time I log in, I have to have it sent to me, which is probably a good thing.

So, as much as I hate having complicated passwords, I am now glad I do, and that I only use the simple one for simple sites that I don’t care about. (and not on accounts such as PayPal, or Amazon, or my bank)

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