Feb 8 2013

Solution to Favicon in Genesis

Favicons usually just go into the root folder of your site, and that is that, right?

So, I started googling around and found that, of all things, you have to put the favicon not only in your root folder, but also in your themes folder, and if you have a child theme, in there as well.


So, for Genesis, at least, they are not playing by the rules.  Why is it that every freamework has different rules, and yet they are all playing with WordPress.


Feb 7 2013

Tricks with Yoast SEO

OK, so probably everyone knew about this one, but I’ve been having trouble with it for a while now, so I decided to see what others had done to solve the problem.

When you install Yoast SEO, you can type in the page title of your page that you want to show up in the search engines.  What Yoast does, if you don’t adjust it, is it puts the site title in, along with your customized page title.

So, what is the solution?

<!–<title><?php woo_title(); ?></title> Note this was changed to make the Yoast not conflict.–>

<title><?php wp_title(”); ?></title>

The first line of code was what I had in the header tag.  The second is what I changed it to.

And that was all I needed to do to solve my problem.  And since I’m working with a child theme, I don’t have to worry about overwriting that particular change.

I’m wondering if that is something Yoast should talk about, and let people know about, so they are not tearing out their hair over something that is supposed to improve their lives.


Feb 6 2013

Read before updating your wordpress plugins

I recently updated a bunch of plugins, on a site.  I always get antsy when updating wordpress itself, but the plugins, I dont’ worry about. I should. Thus begins my latest of tale of RTFM or rather RTFCL (read the fricking change log.

One of the updates I had to made was to the social media plugin  It is one of my favorite plugins, for putting in social media logos, but it has always been very unweildly.  This recent update was a breath of fresh air.  Gone was the huge box which you had to scroll down through.  Now it just has a little box that opens and allows you to click off which social media icon you want.

But, and you knew there was going to be a but, I didn’t notice that they had taken out one social media that my client used, until I got an email saying, “what happened to my itunes link” and sure enough it was gone. Sure enough, when I checked, it was gone, and then I went and read the change log.

Fortunately, they do allow you to put in your own symbols, so I was able to add it back in.

So that is the tale of thinking before changing, for the day.



Nov 15 2012

Why I love BackupBuddy

Just wanted to relate a story on why I love BackUpBuddy.  I have now had the plugin save my life twice.  The part I really like is that if you download a complete backup, you can restore the complete backup, anywhere.  It allows you to really port a site to a new location, and have it set up just the way you left it in the old site, even down the user names and login details.  It is a bit of a pain that the file takes about 10 minutes to download, and then another 10 minutes to upload at the new location, but hey, go and make yourself a cup of tea, and have a snack.  You don’t have to stare at it downloading all day.

Recently, I had to restore a site, that was having problems, so I grabbed the backup and ported it to the new location, and showed it off to my client.  She was thrilled, and I did the final step, which is to remove all the extra files that Backup buddy puts in while it is restoring the site.

Half an hour later she called to tell me that she had accidentlaly erased all her blog posts.

I said, don’t panic, we will just go through the whole process again, and so I did, and restored the site again.  I waited, this time, beofre doing step 6, until I was sure that she was fine with everything, and wasn’t going to erase anything.

So, thank you BackUp Buddy.  You are now a standard install on all my client sites, along with Yoast’s SEO and Google Analytics.


Apr 30 2012

The lure of wordpress

The lure of WordPress is that the common folk, so to speak, can put up their website and maintain it, with ease.

I fell for that hype, and didn’t offer WordPress websites for quite some time for my clients, preferring to build them in css and html, as though that was better.  I thought anything that simple would only bread simple looking sites, and some sites you can spot as WordPress, even today, as though whomever put up the site didn’t bother to make any changes to the basic theme.

But, as WordPress got better and better, I no longer  ask if they would like it in WordPress, I just give it to them that way, and let them know they can have a blog, or they don’t have to have a blog, almost as though the blog is an afterthought of the whole site.

We are now up to 3.3.2, and each update has made it easier for my clients to maintain their own site, if they want to, or just turn it over to me to maintain because they don’t have the time.


Sep 25 2011

Free WordPress themes, that aren’t.

I tend to use premium themes, such as  Gensis or Thesis, so I haven’t run into the problem, mentioned in this article, which talks about free themes, but my gosh, it makes you realize that people are evil out there.  I have been extra wary after the whole thumb.php episode, so seeing that here are people who put bad code into free themes just to catch you, it makes me want to continue my plan of never using the “free themes” out there.

Definitely a ‘get what you pay for”, if you get a free theme, and it infects your website, or has link backs you don’t need, or any number of things that you wouldn’t have put there if you had had a say in the matter..


Aug 19 2011

thumb.php and WooThemes (and wordpress)

I had been reading a mumbling of trouble on the wordpress groups I belong to, so knew something was up, although I wasn’t sure what. One group mentioned thumb.php, and that it was a security risk, but I thought to myself, I haven’t installed that anywhere, so I guess I am safe.

Wrong. My favorite premium theme supplier had been using it, and I got an email, recently, telling me just that:

TimThumb (or thumb.php as you know it) – the open-source script we use in all of our themes to do dynamic image resizing – recently uncovered a critical security flaw in the script. This flaw is vulnerable to a potential hacker that could gain access to your server. This affects all of our existing themes and thus everyone that are currently using our themes.

Good thing, of course, is that they noticed, and have redone their themes.

And, even more wonderful, all you have to do is update their framework, and it looks for the thumb.php, and updates it to one that is not vulnerable. :)

So, I don’t have to dump the theme, or update the theme, just the framework. Thanks Woo.



Aug 18 2011

Fonts for the web, font squirrel

Of course the bane of a designer working on the web is that we have to use the fonts that everyone has on their computer. Well, not quite. Recently, I started using Font Squirrel. First, because the designer I was working with insisted that I did, and then because the client I was working with wanted it.  Of course, she didn’t know that is what she was asking for. She just wanted the font to be closer to her logo, and so I went to Font Squirrel, and found something damn close, and she was happy.

Now, what is funny, is some WordPress themes claim they are special because they have this feature, but you don’t have to use anything special. You just have to include it in your css, and put the font package that font squirrel gives you in the same directory. Well, there is more to it than that, and perhaps, when I have time, I’ll do a step by step. But, right now, I have to go work on a site, with a different problem, that I need to solve.

Aug 4 2011

Expanding and Collapsing in wordpress

Oh, boy, though I’m in the middle of a job, as I’ve been for quite some time. (Different jobs), I had to stop and share this wonderful plug in for WordPress.

It is called Jquery Collapse o-matic.

If you have too much stuff on your page, but want to include it, this is one way to go, and it works just fine, once you install the plug in, and use the short code.

Thank you Twin pictures. I didn’t have to go into any lengthy code, or get into the php. This is the kind of code I love.

Now, back to work. :)

Dec 23 2010

Flipboard is all that.

Up until I installed Flipboard, I thought of the iPad, I got for my birthday, last month, was just a iTouch on steroids. Nice to have, but what was the point. Then, I was reading the Silicon Valley Business Journal and saw the headline touting how wonderful  Flipboard was. How it made the iPad as good as it was.  Plus it was free.

So, I downloaded it, and was totally blown away.

Before Flipboard, all the stuff I had seen was really just larger iPhone stuff, and I was unimpressed. But Flipboard takes everything you are interested in, and puts it all together, and easy to read. I love what they did with Facebook, for example. Instead of seeing the beginnings of links about articles, all the articles appear as though you are reading a magazine. Same thing with twitter. It makes going through sites so much easier, and even includes Huffington Post (which has also redesigned its reader for the iPad).

Now, it makes it all worth it.