Outsourcing Design companies and local designers

I am not against working for design agencies, as a freelancer, often that is best work I do, and the most fun. I have worked with many around Silicon Valley, so I was a bit surprised to find that the client I was going to be working with was actually an agency that outsourced design and production work overseas.

Am I hastening my own distraction, or am I just playing the game. I don’t know. I guess I just find it rather odd and funny that an agency that touts its design prowess and such has to go to a local freelancer to get the kind of design that they will need to show people how professional they really are. Honest.

I looked through their portfolio and I think I see why they need help. Everything is beautifully designed, but it all looks the same. Very cookie cutter. And this probably works for their clients, but I guess they realized that it doesn’t work for them, so they are coming to me.

I am not saying that you can’t get good work through outsourcing, or that overseas designers aren’t good, because I have seen some incredible work done by people on the web from all over the world.  I have also seen some stuff on eLance, for example, that is quite snazzy.

I think where the problem lies is when the designers are just made to do it as cheaply, quickly and as cookie cutter as possible, with very little art direction other than to do a sstandard four color 3 panel 2 fold brochure.

And this is something I will not give this client.

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