Other ways to search

Now that Google is built into all the search engines that matter, you might ask, what else is out there. The newest Firefox allows you to add more, so that there is a whole drop-down list of search engines up in the right hand corner. Along with the usual Google, Amazon, etc, the new Firefox has added A9Search, Alta Vista, Ask Jeeves, CDDB, LEO, IMDB, Merriam-Webster, and Wikipedia. This is a good list, but there are more that need to be added. Some of these were mentioned in the Mercury News, the other day.

  • SingingFish for audio/video search. This is a fascinating site. I went here, and searched for a group called Kitka, and came up with interviews that had been done on NPR, as well as other snippets of songs.
  • local-i.com for restaurants in the San Francisco, Chicago, or Boston area and hotels all over the US. I’m not a big restaurants eater, and since this doesn’t cover my area (Santa Cruz), I haven’t used it.
  • Feedster for RSS feeds and blogs.Feedster for searching for blogs.
  • Accoona which is a new search engine out of China. According to the Mercury News, the company feels they give better results than Google. Doesn’t everyone say that?

What is interesting, is that if you search for search engines in Google, you come up with many search engines you might never have heard of. The first one I came up with, which was not paid advertising was Mamma. I did a search on a subject I know well, myself, and found that I cam back with 39 results, all of which, except for one, actually appeared to be about me. What is also interesting is that Mamma shows where they got the search results from, rather like DogPile does (which only came up with 25 results).

Do we need more specialized search engines, or do we need engines that do specific things and do them well, such as SingingFish. I guess I want a little of both.

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