Other than work

Sometimes I write about things other than working, or graphic arts, or being a freelancer, but I tend to write about them on the weekend, such as today, when, in theory, I should be doing something other than work. More often then not, I do work on the weekend.

But this does not mean that is all I do. I have other loves, and things that I enjoy, and I think that is important to having a well-rounded life. So, here is my advice…go out and do something. Do something that is not related to the computer, or to blogs or design, or any thing that you do for a living.

So, taking my own advice, here is what I do when I am not working.

  • First, I knit. I used to knit more. I knit when I am stuck in traffic. I knit when I am waiting to pick up my kid at school. I knit when I go to meetings. It gives my hands something to do, it gives people something to talk about (sometimes they introduce themselves and chat about their knitting, or ask about mine). Doesn’t matter what I knit. I just enjoy the process.
  • I read. This is not a big thing, but I read books, not those on the computer. I like to lie in bed and read at night.
  • I dance Morris. I think I have mentioned this before. It forces me to get out of the house, which is hard sometimes, because it would be just as easy to keep working all night, to get all the jobs done. Sometimes, you just have to get out and jump around, and act like a fool. Well, a well organized fool, as the dances do have rules.
  • I have a weekly radio show. I do a show at KKUP once a week, and have a lot of fun doing so. It makes me more aware of the music I listen to, as I always think of it as, would that song be good on my show? Sometimes it is only good enough for my iPod, meaning it doesn’t fit on the show, but I would like to listen to it again.

There are other things that I do, but aren’t big things. I do a little gardening. I do a little writing, and I do a little baking, but these are all sometimes things, not weekly things to take me away from my work.

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