Other advice on what to do when you are not working

It seems odd to write about how to spend your non-working day, because people so often have to work so hard to have enough work to fill a day, when they are a freelancer, and then have to find the time to do it once it starts to come in.

But once you have reached that point, you need to look at your needs. You need to have something that is the complete opposite of what you do for a living. For someone who is on the computer all day, I would suggest something very low tech, such as weaving (which I tried to do, but couldn’t teach myself), or knitting, which I did end up taking up. I liked knitting because it was creative without being on the computer. I also enjoy cooking, but found that I could not do that quite as much as I wanted to, where as knitting I could do just about anywhere.

You will find that it is a lot easier to get away from work when you have something you can get away from work to.

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