Operating System Compatibility

I’m going to go on a rant here, for a moment. As an owner of a Mac, since the Mac was first introduced in 1984 (not the same Mac, mind you), I have learned to accept that not all software that exists in the world is meant for me. We are a minority, and I can live with that.

However, what I find extremely frustrating is, when I find a product on a website that looks like it can do everything in the world for me that I want (i.e. worm the cat, clean the windows, scrub the floors), I can’t find, until sometimes I even download it, that it is meant, alas for someone other than me. I’m not asking that every product out there have a Mac version (although that would be nice.), what I am asking for is for the specs to be clear, up front, if not on the front page, on the about page, or the specs page, or somewhere so I can check. A lot of sites are good at this, and I thank them. But there are still the sites out there that forget that everyone doesn’t own Windows XP.

I was just at a page that was recommended by someone on one of my lists, FTP Voyager. Now, perhaps I’m blind, but please, can someone tell me where it says which operating system this works with? I have looked and looked. I have gone so far as to go to the download page, where this info is often hidden, but it isn’t there. Finally, I just decided it must be for the PC, as it wasn’t offering any information at all as to what platform it would go on.

Now, I suppose I could just go to sites that I know have Mac software, companies that supply goods to my ghetto, but I like to see what new things are out there, and sometimes, as happened the other day, these sites to have a Mac version, and I have found the product quite useful, such as SiteSucker, which I have used several times since I downloaded it and am quite happy with it. (Of course, this only comes in a Mac version).

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